About Holly

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  1. I have twins! A boy and a girl.
  2. I taught first grade for 7 years. So, being goofy to get those genuine smiles is no biggie to me.
  3. I love any kind of pasta.
  4. I skydived when I was 18. Now, I can’t believe I did it and I will never do it again. But, I’m happy that I can say I did it.
  5. I went to Arizona State University and had the time of my life. But, I am a Texas girl at heart and knew I needed to come back.
  6. I met my husband online!
  7. We got married in Natchitoches, Louisiana because my favorite movie is Steel Magnolias. We had a bleeding armadillo grooms cake and everything.
  8. I have two younger brothers, one is 3 years younger than me and the other is 18 years younger than me.
  9. I’m a total dog person.
  10. I get nervous before every single photo session I do. I think when I stop getting nervous that’s a problem.
  11. On that same note, I can’t get home fast enough after a session to see what pictures I got. If that stops happeneing, we have an even bigger problem.
  12. I love roller coasters.
  13. My dream is to go to Italy.
  14. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher and a Mom. This photography thing has been one of the best surprises of my life.
  15. I love my family, my life and the Lord. I am so very blessed. 🙂