Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a session with you?

​Simply fill out the form under Contact Holly and I will respond to your email promptly to chat about what you are looking for.

Where do your sessions take place?

I am a natural light photographer which means I do not use a flash or any artifical light. So, almost all of my sessions take place outside. I can do indoor sessions for newborns and young babies, but any kiddos older than that and it can be difficult. As far as locations, I have several locations that I love to use or I am absolutely to open to a spot you might have in mind.

Suggestions on what we should wear to our session?

Definitely stay away from bold/loud prints. We dont want anything to take away from your families’ natural beauty. Check out my Pinterest board for ideas on some great combinations!

How would you describe your style?

​Well, I am a former elementary teacher, so interacting with kids come very naturally to me. I love to play and be silly, which is what I feel like comes through in my pictures. I want you and your family to have fun and be yourselves so during our session I will ask y’all to play, dance, sing, just interact and pretend I’m not there. I will definitely get the posed pictures also though, those capture darling moments too. And feel free to bring any props (maybe a lovey, or toy that is a big part of your childs life at the moment) or posing ideas with you to your session. I’m very laid back so we can just hang out and have fun. 🙂

Do you photograph weddings?

​At this time I’m not. Like I mentioned above, I use only natural light and since most weddings are at night that could pose a problem. Plus, right now, its just me and to capture every moment of your special day, there really needs to be a team of two or more photographers. But, I am available for engagement sessions and bridal portraits!